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         About Us

Techgrade Consulting is one of Nigeria’s leading and most respected training provider for engineering and allied professionals. Techgrade was established in 2002 with primary focus on the professional training, management development and corporate employee training industry in Nigeria. 

We have built long-term trusted partnerships with public and private organisations to create a world where lives are equipped through the delivery of our training programs.

Techgrade equips professionals rightly by providing programmes on current and future issues, facilitated by subject-matter experts, presented with cutting-edge technologies, and in an interactive environment of fun and seriousness. 

Techgrade offers a unique ecosystem of workshops catering to different client segments through three distinct and targeted propositions:
  1. Techgrade Academy Workshops
  2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Workshops
  3.  In-House Workshops

1. Techgrade Training Academy Workshops are completely conceptualised, designed and delivered by Techgrade and leading subject-matter experts that we have built long-term relationships with. The workshop topics are informed by a combination of skills that are fundamental to specific areas of specialization; current professional developments; and recommendations from past participants regarding the topics they will like to us to feature in subsequent trainings. 

2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Workshops - CPD is ongoing work-related learning, which enables professional engineers in Nigeria to keep their technical skills, business skills, and industry knowledge up to date. 

In line with Techgrade’s mission to equip professionals rightly, we provide technical support to professional bodies and associations in the delivery of CPD workshops to their members across Nigeria and beyond. 

3. In-House Workshops - Techgrade also offers structured trainings tailored to the specific needs of our clients. This can either be based on our extensive range of courses or based on an in-depth assessment of each client’s pain-points and knowledge gaps. 

We can offer these workshops at the client’s on-site location; or if preferred, our training team can set up programmes at a convenient, centralized hotel or conference centre for participants coming from multiple offices or locations. We also maintain a professional development training facility located at our Abuja office where bespoke programmes can be scheduled.

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