How to spot an electric train in India

The Indian Railways has unveiled a stealth core trainer that can be used to monitor trains on its tracks and track control stations.

The train tracking system was developed by Indian startup, DeepTrack, which had raised $6.5 million in seed funding earlier this year.

It has a camera, which can scan for trains in real time.

The core trainer has been designed to operate on either Wi-Fi or mobile internet connectivity.

The device can also track track trains at stations and tracks with cameras.

In the past, the train tracking devices have been used by rail operators to monitor their track operations.

DeepTrack’s first prototype was launched in December 2016.

DeepTrack has a team of 15 engineers and about 150 people working on the project, including senior vice-president and chief engineer, Deepak Prakash.

Deeptrack is part of a burgeoning space where India’s tech startups are looking to take on the world, with many also investing in the country’s infrastructure.

The country’s railways have a long history of having to deal with the challenges of tracking and controlling trains, and have often been unable to offer better services than those offered by foreign companies.