How to transform your waistline with Soul Train

The shape of your waist, waist trainer corsets and other training devices are important for your physique.

But if you have a narrow waist, it can also hinder your flexibility and strength.

This article explores how to transform it to fit your body and mind.

Here are five exercises you can do to help your waist get better.


The Knee-Raising Exercise If your waist is too narrow, you can make it narrower by adding exercises like the Knee Raising Exercise, which works to keep your spine in a stable position.

You can perform this at the beginning of your training programme, to help you recover from a hard day at the office.

To do it properly, you need to lift your knee and hold your knee in a straight line.

You should be able to do this for 30 seconds before you let go of your knee.

Perform three sets of 10 repetitions and complete a set of 15 repetitions.

To perform it again, start by doing the same set of 10.

Repeat the same sequence for 10 more sets, until you can lift your knees at 90 degrees to the floor.


The Vertical Squat When you can’t bend your knees, you’re probably not going to be able go for a straight squat.

You need to keep the knees straight, which means you need a different approach.

In the squatting position, you bend your knee towards the ceiling.

Bend your knees slightly at the waistline, and then pull your knee back towards the floor, as if you were doing a jump.

This creates a squatting stance that’s similar to a powerlifter’s.

This means that your knee should not be in the way of your body as you go for the squat.


The Leg-Lock Exercise You’ve heard of the knee-locking exercise, but you may not have seen how it can help you to narrow your waist.

You do this exercise by bending your legs over, locking your thighs in place, and letting your knees come together.

You’re not going for a squat, but instead you’re doing a squat from a standing position.

This can help narrow your body.


The Overhead Press It’s the most basic exercise in the waist training, but it can be really useful for widening your waist if you want to add more muscle.

To get the most out of it, try to press your belly against the bar, instead of against your waistband.

This will help to tighten your waist and keep you flexible.


The Hip Thrust In addition to the exercises above, the Hip Thrust can also help you narrow your belly.

This is the exercise that everyone has heard of, but the exercises below do more for your waist than the Hip Press.

If you’re not sure which exercise is right for you, then this article will help you out.

To make the exercise easier, you’ll need to use a barbell and a dumbbell.

Position the dumbbell against your thighs.

Your knees should be slightly bent, so that your knees are almost parallel to the ground.

Use your hands to help push down on the dumb, and try to pull your knees back slightly.

Now, your hips should be almost straight, but slightly wider than your waist would normally be.

Pull your knees down as far as you can and let them go.

Repeat this exercise three more times for a total of 15 reps.

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