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A train wreck is a situation in which a train derailment or collision causes a major loss of life or serious injury.

The train wreck can also occur when the train’s operator is under a lot of stress due to the accident.

A trainwreck can occur when a train has a number of dangerous factors in it.

Here are the trainwreck scenarios that can happen when a large train derailments:Train derailed from the wrong direction:The train has been in an accident.

The operator has not taken the required safety precautions to avoid an accident that would have killed thousands or caused a major fire.

A number of factors can cause the train to derail:An overload or breakdown of the engine.

The train was traveling on the wrong track or track alignment.

The engine is broken.

The derailment could have been caused by a derailment of a train that had not yet been inspected.

The engineer has not inspected the engine and has not done the required testing.

An engine is leaking or has been leaking.

The problem is not with the engine but with the fuel supply.

The fuel supply is not working properly.

The operator has failed to install a proper safety belt on the train.

The accident is not related to the driver, the conductor or the train operator.

There are more than 30,000 derailments in the U.S. each year, according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

Train derailments cause injuries, but the most dangerous can be caused by the following:An electrical malfunction.

A malfunctioning electrical component on the locomotive.

A fire.

The driver or conductor was not wearing a seatbelt, and the train was travelling in a high-speed lane.

A faulty rail bridge or cable.

A damaged rail system.

A train that has been repaired or replaced but still has not arrived at its destination.

An improper inspection of the track or tracks.

An incorrect design of the train engine.

An inadequate supply of fuel.

An unanticipated mechanical malfunction.

The following train wrecks were caused by train wreches:Train derailment caused a fire:A fire on a railroad train caused a derailments of a freight train, or a combination of freight and passenger trains.

The fire started when the locomotives electric motors failed, causing a fire.

The fire spread to other equipment on the trains.

Train wreck caused a tree to fall on a freight truck:A train wreck caused an avalanche that fell on a cargo truck.

The freight truck had to be towed away from the scene of the accident after it came to rest on the tracks.

The truck was traveling in a dangerous area.

Train wrecks caused an explosion or explosion of a chemical plant:An explosion of an underground chemical plant caused an underground explosion.

An explosion in a hazardous-waste facility caused a massive explosion.

Train derailed or caused an accident while a train was still traveling on a track:The track was under construction.

An equipment failure.

Train was travelling at a high speed and was traveling at the wrong speed.

An error in the design of an emergency brake on the engine caused the derailment.

The equipment malfunction was caused by improper installation.

Train caused a train wreck:A railroad train has suffered a derailement or collision.

The trains engineer failed to take the required precautions to prevent an accident, and has failed the required test.

A derailment on a train caused an earthquake.

An earthquake caused a landslide or avalanche.

An underground railroad station, a large building or other structure was under the control of a natural hazard.

Train is causing an accident:A large train or other train has caused a collision or derailment that resulted in serious injury or death.

The accident was caused when the operator failed to follow the required procedures to prevent a train accident or collision from occurring.

Train causes a fire or explosion:An underground fire or an underground fire caused by an electrical failure.

An electrical fault caused by structural damage or a mechanical malfunction caused by inadequate wiring.

An illegal fire on the railroad tracks caused a runaway train.

An unsafe train is being used on a road.

Train causing an explosion caused an electrical fault or an explosion.

A fire occurred at a railroad station.

Train has caused an oil leak or an oil spill.

An oil spill is an oil well or a hazardous storage site.

Train’s driver or train operator has violated any of the requirements for an accident involving a train.

Train driver or operator is not wearing an appropriate harness or safety belt.

Train is traveling in dangerous areas.

Train or train train has damaged a power line, a bridge, a structure or a tunnel.

Train may have damaged or broken a bridge.

Train, train and train have caused a bridge to be damaged or destroyed.

Train accident caused a spill.

A spill of oil or gas can cause damage to a pipeline or other infrastructure.

Train involved in an explosion can cause a fire, which could spread into the surrounding area.

Train derailment causes an explosion of gas, oil or oil products.

Train wrecked or caused by runaway train caused fires.