Which is better for you? You can play with them, but the options aren’t great

We’ve seen some of the best-looking and best-sounding games in recent memory and we’ve been playing with them for a few years now.

Some of them are also the most expensive.

But what if you could pick your favorite?

Here’s how to pick the best PC games for the most affordable.

Pros Cons Good-looking games Cons Not as good-looking as your console-based gaming PC Pros Fast and responsive games that require a lot of processing power Cons Not all of them offer the kind of visuals you’d expect to find in a game console Cons Not many of them can be played at 1080p or 4K on your console Cons Has a limited selection of games to choose from (a good thing) Cons Very low price-to-performance ratio for a console game Cons Gamepad support in some games (the Xbox One Pro is a great example) Cons Not the most user-friendly console gamepad for a game Cons Sometimes you’re better off just buying a gamepad instead of buying a console Pros Very powerful hardware that supports a wide range of peripherals (but that can be a pain in the ass) Cons You might have to buy a lot for the best games.

The best console games are $30-60 less than PC games.

Cons Not quite as good looking as the PS4 Pros The graphics are gorgeous.

Cons Low resolution on some consoles and some controllers (not a big deal if you’re playing on a PC) Cons Game pad support in most games (but not in all) Cons There aren’t a lot console games that have a large variety of peripherates (but it does exist).

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