How to pay your training costs

Trainers can now find out how much they’ll be paid for training.

The National Training Agency (NTA) has published a wage calculator that allows anyone to calculate how much it will cost them to train and run a marathon.

Workouts are expected to cost between $6,000 and $10,000 a week.

NTA chief executive officer Chris Taylor said the calculator would provide “a more detailed look at what is required to run a full marathon”.

He said it would help employers “understand how much training time is needed and how much that will cost”.

The calculator also includes a range of different options for trainees.

It includes an hourly rate for trainee coaches, a rate for individual runners, a range for trainers and runners who work in small and medium enterprises, and a range that includes full-time, part-time and contract training.

Trainers can also view how much their time is costing them.

“We’re really trying to encourage our staff to pay more for training, and we want to help them to understand what that is and what it is like,” Mr Taylor said.

“I think the calculator helps them understand what it costs and will help them make informed decisions when they are training for the race.

He would not be drawn on specific figures, but said the salary could vary.”

It’s a little bit of a guessing game at the moment.

But if we see a huge gap between the hourly rate and the cost of training, we’ll be happy to make that adjustment,” he said.

But it’s not all bad news for employees.

Mr Taylor said he hoped the calculator will also help employers and workers to work out what they will pay their trainees and staff in the event of a strike or lockout.”

If we do see any kind of work stoppage or lockout and that has a big impact on our staff, then we’ll have a much clearer picture of what it’s like and how we can ensure that they get paid,” he added.

National Training Agency chief executive Chris Taylor says the calculator provides “a little bit more detailed” look at how much the workplace will cost.

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