How to get your train back on the rails after an Amtrak train derailed

The Amtrix Amtra-5 train that derailed in Berghain, France, on Friday night had just reached the station, which is located on the outskirts of the French city, when it ran into a freight train, the German railway operator said.

The train, which had just arrived in Bergdorf-Strasbourg from the French capital, was traveling in the direction of Dordogne in Belgium, where the train derailed.

“The train was heading for Dordogs and the freight train had left Bergdörf-Strak, Belgium,” Amtrametra-Swiss spokesperson Anna-Kathrin Reinecke said in a statement.

“It ran into the freight truck and was stopped, but the train was not moving and stopped, so no one was hurt.”

The train was traveling at a speed of around 80 kilometers per hour, the statement said.

Reinek said that it would take around an hour to reach the station and that the train would be towed.

The freight train that ran into one of the AmtRAX trains in Berdahain, French.

German railway service company Amtrasz said that all of the passengers were released and that all were in good health.

Reines statement said that the passengers had been taken to hospitals for precautionary measures.

German railways are among the most popular in the world, with many of them serving countries that are not in Europe’s beltway of the EU.

However, safety concerns have prompted several countries to put restrictions on train travel between Germany and the rest of Europe.