Woman who was fired for sharing photos on Facebook has ‘done an outstanding job’

A former employee at a Canadian Tire store in Toronto is seeking damages for wrongful termination after she shared her photos and a photo of her with her boyfriend on Facebook.

The former employee, identified only as Jane Doe, told CBC News that she was fired on Nov. 14 after she posted the photos to Instagram.

The photos were not approved by the store’s management and were shared without her permission, she said.

“I did not take the photo without his permission.

He said, ‘It’s not my business to post it.'”

She said she did not have any knowledge of the photo being shared and was not the original source.

“They told me I didn’t have permission to post the photos and I have to be responsible for the photo because it was not approved,” she said in a phone interview from Toronto.

“It was shared without my permission, without my knowledge.”

She was told the photo was posted to Instagram and the photos would not be approved again, she added.

“If the photos weren’t approved, they would never have been approved.”

She said the company should have known better and should have asked her to remove the photos from the store.

The company told CBC that it had notified the employee that the photos were inappropriate.

The woman, who has since moved on with her life, said she is still trying to work out how to pay the damages.

She is still concerned that she will lose her job.

She said it was disappointing that the company has not made it clear that the photo had been approved.

“What I want to know is, did they know it was inappropriate or did they take the appropriate action?” she said about the photos.

The incident began after she uploaded a photo on Instagram with her partner of the woman she was dating.

“When you’re a young person in a new relationship, you’re kind of wondering if you’re going to be OK with all of that,” she told CBC.

“Then you start seeing these photos of yourself on the Internet, you start getting the feeling that you’re being targeted.

You start seeing the backlash.”

She added that the relationship broke up.

The man in the photo with her also posted a comment on Instagram saying that the woman was a bad influence on him and that he was “sick and tired of hearing that she doesn’t know how to make decisions for herself.”

Jane Doe said she wanted to share her story because it’s “kind of a sad and ugly situation.”

“I’m hoping that if people will take a moment to reflect on what’s going on in their lives that maybe it can lead them to realize that it’s not about being bad or being abusive.

It’s really about how you are,” she added in a follow-up interview.

The photo on the Instagram account shows a woman with her face in her hand.

The post included a picture of a woman holding a gun in her arm and a caption that read, “I just got fired from my job at a small store because my boyfriend’s boyfriend got me fired and I was like, ‘OK, I don’t have to work at that store anymore.'”

The photo also showed a woman in a green dress holding a red scarf.

The caption read, ‘I’m tired of seeing people like this, and that’s how I feel.’

“There are some things that women don’t see that men do, like, the amount of times that we’re treated like we don’t matter. “

The things that I was saying are not only about me personally, it’s about a lot of women in our workplace,” she explained.

“There are some things that women don’t see that men do, like, the amount of times that we’re treated like we don’t matter.

And that really needs to be changed.”

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