How to play the Mexican train game

By John Gresser, Staff WriterThe game of train derailment is the most popular amusement park attraction in Mexico and it is often played on a daily basis.

This week, a train derailed in Mexico City, killing at least nine people, including the train’s driver.

The train was carrying over 600 people, according to the Mexican state railway.

The Associated Press reported that some people on the train were killed.

The train was travelling north on a northbound track when it struck a concrete wall in the Mexican town of Nuevo Laredo, killing all those on board.

The Mexican government issued a statement saying the train was traveling at 25 kilometers per hour and traveling in the wrong direction.

The Associated Press reports that police have detained seven people, and one person was in custody.

The station is about 15 kilometers north of the border with the U.S. border town of Brownsville, Texas.

The AP also reports that the train is being inspected by the state railroad for the cause of the accident.

A total of nine people died in the accident, including two people who died of their injuries at a hospital, according the Associated Press.

The rail service says that it will inspect the train to determine whether any mechanical failure occurred, and that it is expected to resume service by Wednesday morning.

The Mexican train accident came just a week after another accident involving a train carrying hundreds of people.

On May 19, an overloaded train in Tijuana, Mexico, derailed, killing eight people and injuring hundreds.

The cause of that accident remains under investigation.