How to earn the biggest personal trainer bonus

The top personal trainer pay is expected to rise by more than $30 million this year, according to a report from Personal Trainer USA, the nation’s biggest pay agency.

The report, which was conducted by the National Center for Pay and Organized Labor, found that the top personal trainers earned an average of $9.6 million last year, up from $7.3 million in 2015.

It’s the highest paid personal trainer in the United States.

The number of people earning more than the median wage is also expected to increase.

The national median wage for a full-time personal trainer is $23,300.

It was $23.35 in the first half of 2017, up 7.7% from the same period in 2016.

It also rose by 2.6% from $23 in the second half of last year.

The wage increase will be phased in over three years, with the biggest hikes for people in the middle and higher-earning categories.

The biggest pay increases for workers in the lowest and middle tiers of the compensation scale will be 2.2% and 3.4%, respectively.

The agency also found that in the last three years the median pay for the top tier of personal trainers rose more than double, from $25,000 to $36,000.

The pay for people making less than $10,000 also rose more, up by 2% to $11,500.

The median wage in the top pay tier is now $59,400, while the median for people earning $10 or less is $36 and the median in the bottom pay tier of $15,000 is $29,000, the report found.

Pay in the highest tier of the pay scale is projected to increase by 4.2%.

“Personal trainers make more than other professionals and they’re more likely to have a bachelor’s degree, have advanced training, and have more education,” said Julie Houghton, a spokesperson for Personal Trainer.

“So it’s a good predictor of how much you’re going to earn.”

Pay in other categories is also forecast to rise, with a big jump in the average hourly pay for personal trainers at $19.50, compared to $16.50 in the past.

In 2018, the average pay for a personal trainer with an associate’s degree was $28,000 and $34,000 for those with a bachelor of science degree.

“Personal training is an important part of your job, but it’s also important for you to make money and have a secure income,” Houghtonsaid.

Personal trainers can earn up to $100,000 in total compensation, but they are only paid on average of 75% of their base salary, which is typically less than a full associate’s or bachelor’s, according.

“They should earn an average salary that is comparable to that of a full assistant, who makes about $30,000,” said Ashley Siegel, a financial planner and director of education at Personal Trainer United.

Personal trainer compensation will likely continue to grow in the coming years.

The bureau expects that the average salary of a personal coach will rise by 6.7%, to $72,000 by 2021, and the average annual pay of a top-tier personal trainer will rise 6.4% to nearly $100 million.

The salary of an associate personal trainer was expected to jump by 3.6%, to more than twice the median, and to be more than three times that of the median worker, according the report.

The top-earner pays are expected to be in higher paid categories, with top tier pay up by more $3 million, or 5.3%, over the next three years.

Houghon said that a big increase in pay for those earning the median salary will likely lead to a bigger pay increase for workers who earn more than that.

For example, the median hourly pay of an assistant personal trainer this year is $31,200, according, and a personal assistant with a master’s degree is projected at $47,600.

Hougonsaid that pay increases will help pay for higher-quality training and training programs.

“We know that people are looking for more skills and more education, and so we’re going after those people,” she said.

“That’s what we’re trying to do, and that’s what you want to do when you’re looking for a job, and we want to be there to support them.”

The report also found the average worker makes $21,200 in the most recent year for which data was available.

The average worker in the lower paid pay tier will earn $14,100, and those earning in the higher paid pay category will earn more, the agency said.

Pay for workers earning more is projected in 2021 to be higher than that of last years pay increases, with an average hourly wage of $29.50.

“Our pay survey found that personal trainers are making more than their peers in the public sector, but there are still a number of barriers that