‘A Little Bit of Everything’: The Rise and Fall of ‘Tangled’ (Audio)

The rise and fall of ‘The Closer’ were among the highlights of the 2016 Oscars.

The ensemble drama starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Josh Gad, Jason Sudeikis and Jessica Chastain premiered to rapturous acclaim, garnering three Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Performance by a Female Actor.

But after a short run in the running for Best Picture, ‘Tangle’ had a rough start in its first two weeks on the air.

A combination of poor reviews and a limited number of tickets for the show’s second run saw the series go from strength to strength, earning its second consecutive Best Picture nod.

The show’s success in the U.S. helped ‘Tangling’ be picked up for an upcoming second season, but it was not until 2017 that the series finally wrapped its storyline.

The series follows a group of students who discover that the world they are in is not only a cruel and violent place, but also one filled with magical creatures called the Closer.

The Closer is an ancient force of evil, with an ancient and powerful agenda.

It has brought with it a number of strange and strange creatures who are more than just dangerous foes.

It is up to the students to find out who the Closers are, how they came to be and what they want.

But when they begin to discover that they have a connection to the Closure, things quickly become a lot more complicated.

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