2 trainers get the job: 3D Aim trainer, 6 trainers got the job

3D aim trainer Kunal Patel, 28, and 6 trainees, both residents of Nagpur, have taken the reins of a group of trainees who have taken a cue from the film “Keshav” about the Indian Army.

Patel, who runs a local firm called Zendava in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and six trainees — a former officer and a doctor — have completed a series of training sessions in a bid to help them navigate the hurdles of training a full-fledged soldier.

“We are trying to train people to understand the mindset of the army,” Patel told The Indian Express.

The group has a total of 12 trainees.

The aim is to have the group of about 50 complete the rigorous training course within two years.

The group is expected to be able to deploy from April, after which the aim is for them to start training on the operational side of the war, he added.

Patels training sessions are designed to make the soldiers understand the skills required to be a soldier.

They will also be given the opportunity to interact with the people in the group.

“I am trying to instil the troops’ mindset and the mindset to go for the operational field.

We are trying our best to understand how the army is run,” Patel said.

The two men said the aim of the course was to ensure the trainees were prepared to be deployed for the infantry and mechanised units.

The aim of this course is to ensure they are prepared to go to the operational battlefield, said Patel.

Patels group has trained about 50 trainees in the past, and is looking to expand the group to about 150 trainees by the end of March.

They have already trained about 10,000 trainees across the country, he said.

A senior officer from the army told The Hindu that there is no doubt that the students from the group are ready to go.

“There is no question of any reservations or anything like that.

They are ready.

They’ve already taken it very well,” he said, adding that the army would be keen to have a few more trainees ready by March.