‘F*ck your job’: Trump blasts Trump, GOP for ‘disastrous’ training program

“It’s very sad that we’re now seeing so much of this happening, because it’s really unfortunate, because we’re supposed to be the most innovative society in the world and yet we are not innovating.

We’re not innovators, we’re not inventors.

We can’t afford to be,” Trump said.

“We’re getting so much crap out of this, you know, it’s unbelievable.

It’s like we are having a terrible training program and it’s like, why are we having a bad training program?

It’s just like, we can’t get this done.

And I don’t want to hear any more about it.

We should be doing the things that we should be,” he added.

Trump is now being asked by NBC News to respond to the criticism that he’s “doing the dumbest thing” in the training industry. “

The worst thing is that we are paying so much for it,” Trump added.

Trump is now being asked by NBC News to respond to the criticism that he’s “doing the dumbest thing” in the training industry.

“You have to do a lot of things that are dumb, and this is one of the dumb things,” Trump told NBC’s Chuck Todd in a video interview released Thursday.

“But we’re having a lot, and the only thing that’s bad about it is we’re paying so little for it.

That’s just a fact.

And we should probably stop doing it.

I mean, we are supposed to make a lot money, I would say a trillion dollars, and we’re making a lot less than that.”

Trump has come under fire for his training programs, with many calling them “shoddy” and saying the programs are not effective.

The president said on the campaign trail that he would pay more to train his dogs to detect dangerous objects and that his son, Eric, would train him in the art of combat.

“They’re very good, but they’re not good,” Trump claimed on the stump in March.

“These are very good dogs.

I don-I don, but this is a dog.

And they’re very, very good at it.”

He also said that he had trained dogs to “fight” in an upcoming book that he is co-writing with his father, Donald Trump Jr. But the White House says it has since found that Trump did not train his children to be good fighters.

“Donald Trump did NOT train his sons in combat skills,” the White Reporters Committee said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

“When he ran for President, he promised that he was going to make sure that he and his family would be the best law enforcement officers on the planet, and he has delivered on that promise.

But he has also failed to train them in the law enforcement community.

He has failed to provide any training for police officers who are already trained to be professionals, or for those who have already been trained, to be trained to become effective law enforcement agents.”