How to write an inspirational song for the train band

Train band is not for everyone, especially those with little interest in music.

But it’s a great way to introduce your audience to a band or inspire them to try something different.

In this episode, I’m joined by a band from San Francisco, California, for a quick chat.

The first song we played was called “Train Band.”

It was a jam-packed, jam-filled jam.

We were on the subway, just like everybody else.

We just started jamming, just jamming.

Then we had to stop, and the first song that I played, “Train,” I played for about three minutes, and I think I said, “Oh my God, we’re gonna play this song, because it’s just such a beautiful song.”

And I was in the subway for, like, three minutes.

So I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, we’ll do that.”

But I don’t think we ever went anywhere.

The second song was called, “We Need a Little More.”

We were sitting in a train car, and this was the first time we ever got to play on the tracks, so we were like, we need a little more time.

And I think the train driver came up and was like, and he said, we have to leave the train.

So we were just, like—I’m trying to figure out what’s going on, and then I’m just like, Oh my God.

I’m going to cry, and it was just—I was just, I mean, we never stopped jamming on the train, so that was just incredible.

And it’s like, it was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever experienced.

I was sitting in the train car for maybe like two hours.

And when I got back, I was like I’m gonna have to go to the bathroom, and you know, there was this kid, who’s about five years old, and she was crying because I had just left the train and he was crying, and so we just stopped jaming, and we were all like, oh my God!

So I just went, we gotta get going, we just need a minute, and that’s the first thing we did, we took a minute and got out of the train; it was a really amazing moment.