Why you should ride the money train

The money train, as it’s often called, is a popular alternative to a regular train, but it can be expensive and slow.

This week, the city of Boston announced it was launching a free, automated train service that’ll make it a lot easier for people to get around Boston.

The train will be free and it’ll run for 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, and it will run every other weekend.

The program, which will launch this summer, is being called the “money train.”

It’ll be called the Money Train after the company behind it, a travel company called TravelBuddy, has already launched a similar service called the TravelBucket.

The money Train will be able to get a lot faster than a regular commuter train and can travel more than 10,000 miles per hour, making it a much more reliable alternative to regular trains.

It will be available on Sundays through March 26.

It’ll start out with about 500 trains per day and will be rolling out more trains daily as the summer season comes to a close.

It’s still early days for the service, so there are still many details about how the train will operate and what its schedule will look like, but for now, the Money Line is expected to be rolling around Boston by summer.