When the NBA is ready for a new game of hoops, it will use cybEX: The arcade trainer, the game trainer, and the training center

By Andy O’Donnell, Time.com | Posted September 26, 2018 10:03:23The NBA has a new trainer, a new NBA player, and a new training center in the works.

It’s all part of a $2.4 billion renovation that is expected to open later this year.

The NBA is hoping the new facility will be a destination for fans of its sports and entertainers.

The league will use a brand new technology, called cybEx, to make the training room more appealing.

CybEx was first developed by Microsoft in 2016.

The game is an arcade-style game, where players compete to be the first to hit a basketball in a given area.

In cybXex, players can use a variety of different objects to create their own game.

These include chairs, cars, and even people, like a basketball player who has a car that drives around the court.

The NBA says that it’s working with some of the world’s top designers to create the new trainer.

They will use 3-D printing to make a custom, 3-dimensional training room.

The new trainer will be made out of aluminum, a material that can be used in many different industries, like aerospace.

The trainers will feature a variety the most popular sports.

The most popular will be basketball, followed by golf, soccer, and tennis.

The trainers will be equipped with 3-d-printed basketballs.

In basketball, the trainer will also be equipped to simulate a basketball court.

It will be used to simulate shots and layups.

The new trainer is also expected to include a new player interface that will help players and trainers communicate and interact with each other.

The interface will feature live action replays and real-time information about the game.

The app will also feature a section for users to share photos of their training rooms with the world.

The league will also create a digital app store for its new trainer and app.

The digital store will have a different app store that will include the new cyb trainer.

The owners of the digital store, which will be owned by the NBA, will also own the NBA app store.

The owner of the NBA digital store is the league.

The training center is also going to feature a lot of things from basketball.

The center will include a full-size basketball court, a basketball hoop, a locker room, and an ice machine.

The gymnasium will also have a basketball facility that will have basketball hoops on both sides.

The gymnasio will be able to accommodate up to 8,000 people.

There will also also be a basketball trainer.

There is also a gymnasia gym that will be an outdoor practice space for up to 15,000 players.

There are also plans to have a full range of activities available for athletes.

The training center will feature locker rooms and a basketball training field.

There are also a few basketball courts that can also be used as practice areas for basketball.

The players training room will also include a basketball courtside area, as well as a basketball coach and a trainer.

The first two training centers are expected to be ready for the 2019-2020 season.

The third one is expected in 2021.