New Jersey Transit Train Pushes Out New York’s Peeing Rules, Pushes Pads, And Then Poses For Pictures

The New York subway has announced the launch of a new “training” program, in which a group of subway workers will be given a potty break, have a few drinks, and pose for pictures with the train.

The program is part of the NJ Transit train system’s plan to improve its reputation for a safe, clean and hygienic train.

The announcement came after a yearlong investigation into whether New York City subway drivers are being overly sensitive to their passengers and using the public restroom facilities.

Last year, a group called the New York Post, which includes the same reporters who covered the deadly New York Bridge fire in 2014, found that train drivers were not allowed to use the restroom at all, and that they were only allowed to pee when the train was running, which can be difficult for people who are just a few feet from the train’s platform.

New York City has also banned urinating in public on the train tracks.

And the new program will begin on Wednesday morning, and run through the weekend, with the first two trains leaving Manhattan around 10 a.m. and returning around noon on the following weekday.

The new training will be used in conjunction with the New Jersey State Board of Health and will last one hour and 40 minutes.

The training is designed to help the New Yorkers who work on the subway improve their handling of the public’s personal hygiene.

The program is designed with the goal of helping train operators better communicate with their passengers, as well as improving the overall public health.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) said in a press release that it wants to make New York “a city of public health.”

It’s not the first time New York has tried to tackle public urination.

Last fall, Gov.

Andrew Cuomo signed into law a law that required subway drivers to get out of their cars and get out their pants, even when the trains were running.

It was a response to the deadly 2015 New York bridge fire.