Irish medical assistant to wear a suit on the job

The head of the Irish Medical Association has been spotted wearing a suit for the first time.

The head of Irish Medical Alliance, Michael Collins, made the first appearance in a public dress rehearsal of a series of training events for staff at the organisation’s Dublin branch.

He is scheduled to be in public for a day at the start of September to help train new staff.

The training includes working in a theatre setting and on the premises of the organisation.

Mr Collins was seen wearing a black coat and tie to the training at the Kildare branch of the hospital last week.

He was wearing the suit, which has a matching white shirt underneath, and sat in the front row in a small room with his back to the audience.

The suit is a specialised type of coat worn by staff to protect themselves against the flu.

He also wore the tie in the event he was to be asked to perform the role of an assistant to a patient in the medical suite.

It is not the first such example of an Irish medical employee wearing a tie in public.

In February, a group of Irish medical assistants attended a public event at the Mayo Clinic, dressed in traditional dress.

The group then dressed as a group from a television show called Dr Who.

The tie was worn by one of the show’s actors as they toured the Mayo campus.

Irish medical assistant in a suitThe Irish Medical Associations annual meeting is taking place in Kildarbey, Co Kildalton, on Saturday and Sunday.

Irish Medical Association chairman Michael Collins attends the annual meeting of the Dublin branch of Irish Healthcare in Killeen, Co Dublin.

He has been on staff at Irish Healthcare since January 2017.

He said that although he had been wearing a white suit for about three years, he had not been in a position to wear it at the time.

He added that although it was unusual for staff in a professional capacity to wear suits, it was a part of the training.

Mr Kelleher is one of a number of Irish healthcare workers who have been seen wearing suits for training.

In April, an Irish nurse wearing a blue suit appeared on the red carpet at a special event.