The Top 20 Most Popular Trainers In The World

A new study by the British-based research company TrainBand has found that, of the top 20 most popular trainers on the planet, only four are male.

According to the study, men make up just 5.7% of the global population, but only 3.7 million people have a personal trainer, while women account for just 2.5% of trainers.

The study also found that women make up almost three times as many trainers as men.

The research team used data from over 7,000 trainers to examine the top 5,000 personal trainers worldwide.

The top 5 trainers on average are: 1.

Sheryl Sandberg 2.

Sherilyn Fenn 3.

John Kagan 4.

John Fox 5.

John Deere 6.

Sherry Chabert 7.

James Lipscombe 8.

Dan Boulton 9.

Chris Arnold 10.

Steve Huffman 11.

Jennifer Zylberk 12.

Paul Lee 13.

Chris Lacy 14.

Tim Hensley 15.

Steve Motez 16.

Jennifer Stollman 17.

Steve Narduzzi 18.

Joe DellaVigna 19.

Matt Zollman 20.

Michael Moore

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