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  • Which movie is the next ‘Jurassic Park’ movie?

    We’ve seen some of the latest Jurassic Park movies, but the franchise has always been a bit of a mystery.There are a lot of new things to see and a lot more to do than the first film.We know that we’re about to get a new installment of the franchise, and that means we’re going […]

  • When Pokemon trainers fight for money

    The latest Pokemon trainers are back in the news for their exploits, with new allegations of sexual abuse coming to light.The latest allegations come from trainer Adam Kavanagh, who claims he was sexually abused by trainer Ash Ketchum.In a series of posts on the subreddit /r/pokemon, Kavanag says Ash raped him when he was a […]

  • A marathon training program for marathoners

    Running a marathon can be tough.But running a marathon is even harder when you’re training for a race. A new marathon training schedule for runners could help them to avoid injury. This week, NPR’s Rachel Martin reports on a new plan from the Marathon Training Center in New York that could help athletes avoid injuries during the […]

  • Which is more likely: trains, cars or buses?

    Train stations have long been seen as an ideal way for passengers to travel in crowded, congested cities.However, as technology improves, trains are expected to replace cars as the preferred mode of travel for the next few decades.This means we’re expected to see more people using trains to get around.Cars are generally considered more efficient, […]

  • When resistance training works, it doesn’t have to be hard

    By Dan Lamothe/National Geographic Contributor, April 15, 2020 12:16:02 Resistance training can help you to feel more like yourself, whether you are working with animals or fighting the enemy in the field.But it can also help you build strength, and this article from National Geographic helps us understand why this is so.In the spring of […]

  • ‘Love Train’ app launches in India, says CEO

    New Delhi, Dec 16: A new app by Indian-based startup Love Train aims to connect people with each other, says founder Rajesh Agrawal.The app is being launched in the US, the UK and Singapore, and is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.Agrawel says the app’s goal is to connect with people who […]

  • Femspace is taking the “cute girl thing” and turning it into an industry

    The fema company is taking a new approach to training the next generation of female entrepreneurs.Femspace, a website focused on mentoring women entrepreneurs, has opened up a new branch called “The Fema Training Academy,” which has already taken in women from across the globe to train and showcase their skills.The program will run for four […]

  • Which pokemon trainers are the best trainers in the world?

    Dog trainers are a valuable asset in the Pokémon world, and some are more than willing to share their personal favourites with you.Here are a few of the best.Dog trainer Petite Baguette: “I’m a dog trainer, so I’m really good at playing tag.If you want to be a dog-player, you have to play tag.I’m not […]

  • How to get the right training collar for your dog

    The military has long taught its dogs how to be trained to be loyal and reliable, and now the U.S. military has added a canine version of that to its training arsenal.A new collar that uses an artificial intelligence system that is trained to “think like a human” will be offered for sale at military […]

  • The worst sex crimes on the Amtrak train line: Train sex crimes, train museum

    The worst sexual crimes on Amtrak trains have come to light in a shocking new documentary, which features passengers and train drivers who say they were sexually assaulted.In the film, Train Museum, produced by the Los Angeles-based filmmaker Sarah Kossman, a train driver in Colorado named Jason Cramer describes how he was assaulted by a […]

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