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  • How to train your dog to love you

    A dog training program for the owner of a dog is very different from a training program offered by a professional trainer.In a professional dog training session, the trainer will introduce the dog to his or her own personal style and temperament, and will take the dog on a guided walk to the trainer’s office, […]

  • US, Canada, Australia to hold training day for troops to combat Ebola virus

    Canada, the United States and Australia will hold training days for their forces on Tuesday to fight the Ebola virus, Defence Minister Rob Nicholson said.Key points:Australia is holding the first day of its own training for troops in New York and New JerseyThe United States is also training troops in Atlanta and Tampa for the […]

  • Why you should be careful with your Nike training shoes

    You don’t have to be a pro to use a pair of Nike shoes.Here’s why.The Nike Zoom shoes are great for those of us who are just getting into shoes.They have a comfort level that we can’t find in other shoes, they are easy to clean and they’re comfortable.But they’re also a great fit for […]

  • When it comes to training for the Olympic Games, Puppy Training is the Answer

    Training for the Olympics?That’s the question you’ve probably been asking since the opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Games, when the Games opened to the public.While the Olympics are the largest sporting event in the world, it’s only when you start training for them that you start to see tangible results in your body and […]

  • How to Train Your Cat

    Amtrak trains are no longer being held up as a source of inspiration for cat training.But cat training experts say the trains have a long and important place in the modern world, especially for owners who want to give their pet a better experience.In the past, cat training was mainly seen as a hobby or […]

  • How to transform your waistline with Soul Train

    The shape of your waist, waist trainer corsets and other training devices are important for your physique.But if you have a narrow waist, it can also hinder your flexibility and strength.This article explores how to transform it to fit your body and mind.Here are five exercises you can do to help your waist get better.1.The […]

  • How to raise a healthy baby, sleep training

    In a new book, a sleep expert calls for parents to “wake up” and be aware of their baby’s needs while they are sleeping. “When you are awake, you should be aware that your baby’s body is being used for some kind of purpose and that you are providing him with a quality of life,” wrote […]

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